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Over 460 photos of over 200 students, faculty and staff from around the world

Jacob Chang-Rascle (COM’22) won the judged category for his timed selfie taken in the Westfjords of Iceland.


Over 460 photos of over 200 students, faculty and staff from around the world

Even recent airline troubles can’t deter people from going on long-awaited vacations. the World Travel and Tourism Council projects that tourism could contribute up to $8.6 trillion to the global economy this year, just 6% below pre-pandemic levels. Takeaway: After the last two years of confinement and social distancing, travel makes us happy.

The BU Global Program’s 10th Annual Photo Contest challenged the university community to show how they’ve spent part or all of the past year off campus, with the keyword for this year’s submissions: ‘joy’. . Over 200 students, faculty and staff submitted over 460 photos depicting some of the things that make them happy: kids, pets, food, weddings, and more. The two winning photos were taken in Lhasa, Tibet, and the Westfjords region of Iceland.

Willis Wang, vice president and associate provost of global programs, says the images submitted for this year’s competition provide an opportunity to pause and reflect after two difficult years in the pandemic. “We were thrilled and grateful to see so many people embracing our theme of joy,” he says. “This universal emotion has been captured in many moving ways from all corners of the world. The resilience of BU’s students, faculty, staff and alumni is clear, and the photos show a vivid array of people, places and experiences. experiences – as varied, diverse and global as our wonderful community.

The photos were taken in 52 countries and 29 states (plus Washington, DC). The 10 judges who picked the winners were unaware of the names or affiliations of the photographers or the location of the photos. New this year was a People’s Choice category, which received 1,100 votes.

Major in Film and Television Jacob Chang Rascle (COM’22) won the judged category for his timed selfie of him and a friend on a five-day hiking trip in Iceland’s Westfjords, on a peninsula accessible only by boat. On the third day, they woke up to find the wildflowers next to their campsite had bloomed and they decided to capture the scene with a timed selfie.

“The whole trip was one of the most special experiences of my life, as I have rarely had the privilege of visiting such an untouched and remote place,” says Chang-Rascle, a photography enthusiast since middle school.

Ziyu (Julian) Zhu (CGS’23) won in the People’s Choice category for his photo of a brother and sister in Lhasa, Tibet.

Ziyu (Julian) Zhu (CGS’23) won the audience award (a new category this year) for its photo of a Tibetan brother and sister running in the rain. He took the photo last summer during his gap semester at the College of General Studies, which he spent as a volunteer taking photos for an architectural conservation firm. “I started photographing them because I was drawn to their sheer childhood innocence,” Zhu says of her winning photo. “However, as I started looking through these photos afterwards, I realized that this photo was taken at the right time and captured at the right time. It also made me start remembering those happy times. of my childhood.

After his two years at CGS, Zhu says, he plans to pursue a double major in journalism and film and television at the College of Communication.

Winners had the choice of receiving either a GoPro Hero 10 camera and 64GB memory card or an Oculus Quest 2 Elite (a virtual reality headset), both worth around $500.

Photos of finalists in this year’s contest ranged from a toddler eating ice cream in California to school children in Nairobi to an image of a smiling elderly woman in Vietnam.

See a gallery of finalist images below.

Left photo by Tiphany Thaiduc (CAS’25), Vietnam. Right photo by Chris Gill, associate professor of global health at the School of Public Health, Arches National Park, Utah

Photo of a person standing on one leg and looking down at their feet as they stand in front of a large orange striped rock wall
Photo by Lu Ping (ENG’24), The Wave, Arizona

Left photo by Lynn Asare-Bediako (COM’25), Paris, France. Photo on the right by Sanchalee Khonde (SPH’23), Dubai, UAE

Photo of three Nepalese women dressed in red Nepali clothes smiling and sitting in front of a building made of metal and scrap wood.  Various garments hang in a line above their heads.
Photo by Kelly Kan (Sargent’24), Nepal

Left photo by Furkan Ercan, postdoctoral associate, College of Engineering, Montreal. Right photo by Qicheng Yang (SPH’25), associate professor of biostatistics at the School of Public Health, Massachusetts

Photo of a young Asian woman with shoulder-length brown hair showing her DSLR to a group of Kenyan school children in red uniforms who crowd around her.
Photo by Yupeng Zhou (CAS), Nairobi, Kenya

Left photo by Aubrey Odom-Mabey (CAS’25), CA. Right photo by Elman Leung (Sargent’24), Hong Kong

Black and white photo of a black woman and her child, both with dreadlocks, standing in front of each other, noses touching, smiling and looking into each other's eyes.
Photo by Olivia Britton (GRS’23), New York

Left photo by Fei Du (CGS’23), Manhattan, New York. Right photo by Hayoon Cheon (Questrom’23), India

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