Alaraby2 “A bouquet of varied programs during Ramadan”

“Al Matbakh Al Arabi” (Arabic cuisine)

Chief Sleiman Khawand presents recipes from twenty-two Arab countries in a simple way, and it offers information related to the benefits of these healthy recipes and secrets related to the application, starting with the cut, the level of ripeness, the spices… etc Chef Sleiman is an international referee in many international competitions. He has participated in international events, exhibitions and competitions. He has a radio show, and he participated in the first season of “Top Chef” in addition to his own work.

The program will be presented at 5 p.m. Quds time (2 GMT).

“Qura wa Aadat” (Villages and Customs)”

A documentary series, in which we visit villages and towns in the Arab and Islamic world, to learn about the customs of their families, the traditions of their people and their Ramadan festivals.

The program will be presented at 5:30 p.m. Quds time (02:30 GMT).

“Kareem Ramadan”

The program features tarab chants and recitations presented by Abdel Karim Chaar and his daughter Raneen, in addition to reports from different countries highlighting the diversity of customs, traditions and rituals during the holy month. It also has health-related sections and introduces the public to different Ramadan Arabic dishes and sweets, in addition to a variety of sections, including “Al-Hakawati” (The Storyteller), where Sarah Kassir tells us stories and tales that have been repeated by many in the Arab world.

The show will air at 6 p.m. Quds time (3 GMT).

Series “Al Hay Al Arabi” (Arab Quarter)

Drama written by Mazen Abdel Haq, directed by Nasser Al Dosari. The series was filmed in Qatarwith the participation of several Arab stars, and transmits the experience of expatriate Arab families who have socialized with the hosts and interacted with them through events, most of which take place in the city of Doha in light of the city’s urban and cultural development.

The series will be presented at 8 p.m. Quds time (5 GMT).

“Bustan Al Sharq” series (Al Sharq hotel)

A social comedy produced by “Metafora Production”, written by Mamdouh Hamadeand featuring a number of Arab actors and artists from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, SudanPalestine, Jordan and Tunisia. The 30-episode series reflects stories from the Arab world that deal with current affairs in an engaging comedic format.

The series will be presented at 9 p.m. Quds time (6 GMT).

“Zel” Series (Shadow)

A drama starring jamal sulimanAbdel Moneim Amayri, Youssef Al-Khal, Jessy Abdo, Rania Issa, and Jihad Saad. The events of this social thriller series revolve around a novel whose events match true and realistic stories in every detail, including crimes, conspiracies, and broken hearts. The series is scripted by Zuhair Rami Al Mulla and led by Mahmoud Kamel.

It will be shown at 10 p.m. Quds time (7 GMT).

“Dunya Tanya Series (Another World)

An Egyptian drama that revolves around a simple woman who was able, with limited possibilities, to influence her students by teaching them music in a different way that led her to work in a prestigious school, where the challenges begin. The series is directed by Ahmad Abdul Aalwith Laila Elwi, Sabry beer, Magdy Kamel, Mai Selim and Firas Said.

It will be shown at 11 p.m. Quds time (8 GMT).

“Maqamat: Season 1”

A musical program presented by the artist Rachid Ghulamwhich hosts musical recitals from the Arab world to illuminate different musical styles and revive Arab musical heritage.

It will be shown at 12 p.m. Quds time (9 GMT).

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Alaraby2 is a multi-platform entertainment and culture channel broadcasting from the Qatari capital, Doha. The channel offers Arab Audiences programming ranging from music, art, society, comedy, drama, film and documentaries, to cater to the diversity of backgrounds and tastes across the Arab world.

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