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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Federal Reserve seems surprised at the rate of inflation.

At their last meeting, the Federal Reserve spoke of its intention to continue raising rates around the 75 basis point level until prices start to decline.

The September inflation report will be released on Thursday and will show where these rate hikes are making a difference.

New electric SUV

If you’ve never heard of Swedish company Polestar Electric Vehicles, that might change.

The company just unveiled a new $84,000, 500 horsepower SUV called the Polestar 3.

The goal is to expand sales in the United States competing with Tesla and BMW in the electric SUV space.

Related loyalty programs

Delta and Starbucks have linked their loyalty rewards programs.

So the next time you buy a latte, SkyMiles members will receive “one mile per dollar” at Starbucks.

Both companies are working to broaden the appeal of their rewards programs and drive sales.

Space tourism

Denis Tito and his wife, Elizabeth, have purchased two seats on SpaceX’s Starship rocket. The week-long trip will carry passengers around the moon.

Tito was the first paying tourist aboard the International Space Station in 2001. He paid $20 million for the experience.

There’s no word yet on what he paid for the SpaceX tickets, and the timing of the trip hasn’t been announced.