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A television network promoting the conspiracy that pushed the 2020 election lies has lost its biggest…

A television network promoting the conspiracy that pushed the 2020 election lies has lost its biggest platform.

“This channel is no longer available,” read a message Tuesday for those trying to access the One America News network on DirecTV.

The satellite TV provider informed OAN owner Herring Networks Inc. in January that it would not be renewing its contract.

“We have advised Herring Networks that, following a routine internal review, we do not expect to enter into a new contract upon the expiration of our current agreement,” DirecTV said in a statement at the time.

The OAN has been instrumental in promoting the lie that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against former President Donald Trump. In February 2021, OAN gave MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell 12 hours of airtime to play — and replay — a two-hour video of Trump’s rambling and incoherent defense of Lindell.

“This is an attack not only on these other communist countries, but they had domestic traitors right here in our country,” Lindell falsely stated in the video. “Whatever is going on right now, we see it, they’re suppressing – nullifying the culture, they’re trying to nullify all of us. I just saw churches, Christian churches, they’re under attack.

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OAN is being sued by Dominion Voting Machines for over $1 billion. The voting machine company said in its lawsuit that OAN created “an alternate reality where up is down, pigs have wings, and Dominion engaged in colossal fraud to steal the presidency from Donald Trump by rigging vote”.

DirecTV’s split from OAN came after a Reuters report in October revealed that AT&T, the world’s largest communications company and owner of DirecTV, was funding the right-wing conspiracy network. Court documents obtained by Reuters revealed that Herring Networks collected about $57 million in monthly fees from AT&T under its five-year contract.

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