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6 Websites to Watch the Best TV Commercials and Print Ads of All Time

As boring as most commercials are, we all have a few commercials and jingles that we love, right? These websites collect the best ads and advertisements from around the world.

Ads can sometimes be as creative and impactful as art. That’s why some ads stick with us for so long that they become part of popular culture. You can’t see or hear the words “Just do it” without picturing a tick in your mind.

From award-winning ads to video game ads, we’ve rounded up websites that collect the best ads. And yes, there is one dedicated to Superbowl commercials.

1. World announcements (Web): The Best TV and Video Ads in the World Today

Ads of the World brings together the best advertisements around the world

Ads of the World (AOTW) is the premier destination for anyone looking for ads and advertisements online. The portal is a collection of advertisements from around the world, so you will often find non-English advertisements. It’s a great place to watch, learn and be inspired.

You will want to start with the Top Ads section. This page is home to the Editors’ Picks, Most Popular, Most Liked, and Most Commented videos currently on AOTW. Click on a video to play it and find out when it was first uploaded in which region.

AOTW also hosts collections of themed ads, for example, LGBTQ ads, Valentine’s Day ads, concept realism, and more. Here you will find many collections of photos sponsored by Getty Images, you can safely ignore them. And finally, you can watch commercials made by students to see how the next generation is pushing the boundaries of commercials.


If you are an advertising professional or student yourself, submit your ad to Ads of the World. You never know when your work might go viral.

2. Lurzer Archive (Web): The World’s Best Print Ads

Find history's best print ads in Lurzer's online archives

The Lurzer International Archive is one of the oldest advertising magazines. Since 1984, it has collected the best and most creative advertisements and print advertisements from around the world. And the entire collection is now available online for free.

Navigating the website is a bit tricky, so here are some tips. The print ad of the week is a good place to start, going back to the previous week each time until 2007.

You should also check the Index by creations and Index work by year links in the sitemap. Open the magazine for any year, browse one of the six issues, then view all print ads. There will also be videos and commercials for students, but Lurzer’s is primarily about print.

The creative index is a cool directory that you won’t find anywhere else. It lists all the agencies and the main advertising professionals, classified by alphabet, type of contact or country. So you can see all ads from a specific country, and in that, by specific agencies like Leo Burnett or Ogilvy and Mather.

3. Super Bowl Announcements (Web): Watch all the best Superbowl commercials in history

Watch the best superbowl ads and commercials in history on Superbowl-Ads

The Superbowl has become the biggest commercials and commercials platform of the whole year now. Businesses jostle for space during breaks, and you’ll be able to see some of the most creative advertising at this event. Here, then, is where you can watch all of the Superbowl commercials from the present and past.

The website collects advertisements from 1998 to 2020 but does not host any of the advertisements itself. These are all embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos. To navigate, you’ll probably want to go by year and then watch the ads in the order they aired or the top five collections from that year. Superbowl Ads also has a list of current year advertisers, but it’s not a category page, so don’t click on any; it simply takes you to the advertiser’s home page.

There are two special sections or collections for Superbowl commercials. the All-Time Fan Favorites, at the very bottom of the main page, brings together 16 of the most popular Superbowl ads in history, including the famous 1984 Apple ad and the Budweiser Whassup series. The left sidebar also has a Weird and strange collection of some of the wackiest Superbowl commercials over the years.

4. GamePressure (Web): Best Video Game Commercials and TV Commercials

Watch video game commercials from NES to PS4 on GamePressure

From the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, consoles and video games have had some of the most creative advertising. You can watch the best in GamePressure’s video game announcements archive.

You can filter the list in all sorts of ways. Sort ads by country, platform or console, or year. You can also quickly view top rated videos and most popular videos. Don’t bother with “Last Added”, it doesn’t necessarily mean the latest announcements.

This is a total collection of over 20,000 TV commercials for video games and consoles, most of which are between 2002 and 2018. You will also find a few older ones, but you will have to search for them.

It’s funny when you think about it. For one thing, some games have great ads that you like to see. And at other times, you struggle to get rid of in-game ads.

5. Top Ads (Web): TV, print, outdoor, radio and interactive ads

Best Ads on TV brings together great TV, print, interactive and radio ads

Although the name of this website is Best Ads On TV, it caters to more people who are interested in ads and commercials. Best Ads includes TV, print, interactive, outdoor and radio ads covering a range of interests.

You can quickly watch the latest entries in each section, where each announcement is accompanied by a small description of the thinking behind it. Thus, you will learn a little more about why it was deemed worthy of being an excellent advertisement. Along with this, you will find information about the client, the agency and the country. You can use them to sort ads.

Best Ads also includes an industry category, which you don’t often find. Want to see the latest auto announcements or commercials in the travel world? Everything is just a click away.

Google Chrome users may sometimes find that advertisements are not playing automatically. If you have Firefox, Safari or Edge, it will work perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll have to dive into settings and disable hardware acceleration to get it working in Chrome.

6. r/Ads (Web): Subreddit for Ads and Ads

r/Commercials is a community to share, find and discuss the best commercials

As with everything else, there is a whole community of Redditors who share this interest. At r/Commercials, you’ll find people uploading and discussing their favorite ads and commercials from around the world.

It covers all types of advertising i.e. TV, web, radio, print, outdoor and even branded content. Use flairs to quickly filter the type of ad you want to see, and you can even ask the community to help you find certain ads.

Good ads aren’t a good enough reason to waive privacy

As the advertisements in this article show, for a very long time, creativity has been the benchmark for good advertising. It was about connecting with the audience, making them feel and want the product. But as agencies continue to fight for this, there is the personal data factor at play today.

Thanks to the web, targeted advertising is often more valuable than creativity. In many ways, your personal tastes and needs are absorbed into the technology to deliver advertisements that may impact you. It can change the way you think and it can change your buying behavior. This is why it is important to identify it and protect yourself.

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