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25 Most Memorable Cleveland TV Commercials of All Time

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Classic Cleveland Commercials

By Joey Morona,

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Alka Seltzer’s “Plop plop fizz fizz” and “Where’s the Beef?” Wendy’s are two of the most memorable slogans in advertising history.

While these ads were national and appeared on Cleveland television, they were joined by local ads with equally memorable jingles and slogans. Growing up in northeast Ohio, I remember many of them, including an ad for Randall Park Mall with a song touting “the greatest mall in the world.”

In the 1980s, I remember an advertisement for the Cleveland Indians baseball team centering around the slogan “Tribe ’85 This is my team!”

Unfortunately, however, I was unable to find archived versions of either of these advertisements, and so they will forever be etched in our memories. Fortunately, the same cannot be said for the following 25 classic commercials, mostly from Cleveland, that I discovered on YouTube.

Garfield 1-2323

Possibly the most memorable local jingle of all time. It refers to the old telephone exchange number of the Home Corporation, which still sells replacement vinyl siding, windows, roofs and doors today. That number in modern times, in case you were wondering, is 216-421-2323.

patio enclosures

This company’s jingle was so catchy it could have been played on adult contemporary radio as a single. “Someone near you knows the one and only Patio Enclosures!”

Indoor Amusement Park IX

The IX Indoor Amusement only happens once a year, but its jingle stays with you forever. If it was on Rate a Record on “American Bandstand,” they might say it’s a good beat and you can dance to it. Now sing with me… “It’s here today, it won’t stay, go right to IX… Interior… Amusement park.”

Discount pharmacy

To this day, every time someone mentions to me that they go to Discount Drug Mart, I reply with a tongue-in-cheek response: “They save you the hassle. You’ll find everything you need.”

Catch 5

Is it me or does the lead singer of the 1980s WEWS “Catch 5” jingle sound a lot like the lead singer of Patio Enclosures? If they gave out Grammys for songs in commercials (maybe they do?), “Catch 5” and its mysterious singer would definitely win one. May be.

(Update: The singer is Florence Warner, who lent her voice to many commercial jingles in the 70s and 80s)

Ted Henry on Eyewitness News

Yes, this is the second commercial for WEWS Channel 5, but the station was so good at them. This classic 1970s spot is straight out of “Anchorman,” with a funky “Shaft” score and featuring Ted Henry, a newscaster with “news fever” whose street cred is unquestioned.

Mr Hero

Long before he featured (and, some would say, jinxed) professional athletes in his commercials, Mr. Hero relied on the cuteness and singing voices of children to peddle their roman burgers, hot cheesesteaks and pennies. -Italian sailors. “Mr. Heroooooooo…a family place to go!” »

red barn

While its slogan was “We have new ideas as Red Barn”, the chain had disappeared from northeast Ohio by the mid-1980s.

United States

Calling Southgate USA “an American institution” is probably an overstatement, but when bonafide Hollywood star Ted Knight tells you it, you tend to believe it.

by Lawson

Lawson’s orange juice ad had it all: the plot, the production values, and a memorable song called “The Ballad of the Big-O.”

York Steakhouse

“Think steak, think York” was pretty much my mindset throughout my childhood. These sautéed onions, creamy mushroom sauce and $2.79 cut of steak. The idea makes you want to travel to Columbus to visit the last York Steak House in the country.

Hey, Culligan man!

While Culligan, a water treatment products company, is a national chain, its ads featuring a woman shouting “Hey, Culligan Man!” have been performed so frequently locally, the sound of his voice remains forever etched in our collective brains.

At Uncle Bill’s

Uncle Bill’s was a bit like Gold Circle, which was a lot like Target. But, unlike those stores, Uncle Bill had a jingle you could downright dance to. Yes you can!

by Higbee

I can totally imagine Peggy from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce coming up with this ad.

SeaWorld Ohio

Aurora has always seemed like an odd place for a SeaWorld, but the sea life park makes perfect sense in this classic 1988 ad.

Geauga Lake

Dearly beloved, we gather here to remember this modest and charming amusement park of our youth. Geauga Lake was indeed the place. TEAR.

Press Center 8

Before they were “in Cleveland”, the WJW Channel 8 press team were “proud to be your news”.

Channel 3 News

Before it became a symbol for a three-pointer in basketball, WKYC Channel 3 used the OK hand gesture to promote its newscasts in 1986. I challenge anyone to try to watch this commercial and do not sing or give the OK sign at any time during it.

Norton Furniture

Norton Furniture’s Mark has starred in a number of commercials over the past few decades, each more bizarre than the last. The message, however, has always been the same: if you can’t get credit at his store, you can’t get credit anywhere. You have his word.

Motorhomes and mobile homes by Tom Raper

Tom Raper’s RV dealership may be 250 miles from Cleveland, but its location just off I-70 exit 149A made it so convenient that its advertisements were hard to avoid no matter where you were. were.

It’s SportsCenter with LeBron James

ESPN’s “This is SportsCenter” campaign continues to be one of the funniest on TV, but when it comes to Cleveland, the ads culminated in a 2007 ad featuring LeBron James. The parcel? Scott Van Pelt is basically just a liar.

Tim Misny

You know what personal injury lawyer Tim Misny likes to do more than anything? Make them pay, of course.

Bob Serpentini Chevrolet

You may not know exactly the brand of cars that Bob Serpentini sells, but chances are you know that his dealership is “American and proud of it.”

Timofey Mozgov for Brew Garden

We still don’t know why former Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov wore a backwards jersey or if Austin Carr was okay with Mozgov appropriating “Get that weak thing out of here.” One thing we know for sure? He reads his lines on cue cards.

LeBron James/Nike: Together

Released the day James returned to Cleveland in 2014, we’re pretty sure this commercial gave you goosebumps the first time you saw it.

What did we miss?

This message only scratches the surface when it comes back to classic Cleveland TV commercials. Post in the comments to let us know what we left out and what you’d like to see in the next episode.