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Trump allies raise millions for new conservative TV network: report

allies of President TrumpTrump-appointed FAA administrator Donald Trump to step down in late March Republican voters divided over RNC censorship over Cheney and Kinzinger reportedly considered investing in conservative news outlet Newsmax to compete with Fox News, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Sunday. Hicks Equity Partners, a private equity firm linked to […]

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These 1980s Rockford TV commercials will take you back in time

There were memorable commercials on Rockford TV when I was growing up. Mind you, I was born in 1983, but I remember most of these ads, or some variation of them. Off the top of my head, I distinctly remember the B. Sanfield commercials and remember a few car dealerships like, “Don’t call him Mr. […]

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Biden’s campaign call boosts ratings for cable TV network

At 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Americans across the country began turning on their televisions. Moments after CNN and most major television networks declared that Joseph R. Biden Jr. had defeated President Trump in the presidential election, viewership numbers surged on all three major cable news networks and the three major broadcast networks, according to Nielsen Media […]

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Trump could launch his own TV network to compete with Fox News — Quartz

In 2016, Donald Trump considered starting his own television channel if he lost the US presidential election. His unexpected victory crushed that possibility four years ago, but now he will finally get his chance. With Joe Biden winning, Trump will soon be out of a job. Attention will now turn to what the incumbent president […]

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26 Rock + Metal Songs That Were In TV Commercials

Don’t you love those times when you have the TV on and one of your favorite songs comes on? Whether you’re actively paying attention to everything that’s going on or doing things around the house, it’s sure to grab your attention. Using songs in advertisements is a great marketing tool because companies can easily attract […]

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The rise and fall of cable television

While ratings for many cable TV networks have struggled, Disney+ has over 60 million … [+] subscribers in less than a year. (Photo by Nick Agro/AFP) (Photo by NICK AGRO/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images The ad-supported cable industry is in transition. The number of subscribers has continued to decline, which has had […]