Tv commercials

How the pandemic has changed TV commercials

Remember the TV commercials that showed fans at crowded football games, or focused around crowded cities, or with celebrities delivering lighthearted messages? You could call them “pre-coronavirus” ads – ads that definitely aren’t working now. Just ask the folks at KFC, which launched its “Finger lickin’ good” campaign just before the pandemic hit, showing people […]

Tv commercials

Comcast, Charter and ViacomCBS Join Forces to Make TV Ads More Targeted

Targeted advertising has been prevalent online for years, but is still in its infancy for traditional television. Photo: iStock Updated May 29, 2020 4:40 PM ET Three of the nation’s largest pay-TV companies become co-owners of a platform designed to make it easier for brands to leverage data to deliver targeted ads to people who […]

Tv network

CBS is the most-watched television channel for the 12th consecutive year

The winner, and still champion, is CBS. The Tiffany Network ended the traditional television season, which ended last week, as the most-watched broadcaster for the 12th consecutive year, the Nielsen company said. CBS USA: VIACA United States: VIAC has won 17 of the past 18 years, with the only exception coming when Fox topped the […]

Cable television

2.6 lakh students in Kerala have no access to cable TV or internet

A survey has been carried out in the context of the government’s decision to organize online courses from June 1. Nearly 2.6 lakh students in Kerala do not have access to a television with cable connection, a computer or a mobile phone with an internet connection, according to a survey by the Department of General […]

Cable television

Fox News lawsuit claims cable TV not protected by First Amendment

I blogged about this lawsuit (Washington League for Greater Transparency and Ethics [WASHLITE] against Fox News) when filed last month; my view is that the lawsuit is based on expressions of opinion protected by the Constitution, and therefore prohibited by the First Amendment. But plaintiff’s response to Fox’s motion to dismiss did much more than […]

Tv commercials

Schick brings social media influencers to TV ads

Beauty influencers are moving from social media to television. Schick Hydro Silk, a razor brand within Edgewell Personal Care, launched a multi-pronged campaign on May 1 that will run through the end of summer. It includes ads in print magazines, in-store signage at mass retail partners like Target and CVS, digital advertising on Facebook and […]