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National Cable TV Cooperative Renews Distribution Deal for AXS TV and HDNet Movies – Media Play News

Erik Gruenwedel April 28, 2020 The National Cable Television Cooperative – representing more than 750 small and medium independent cable and broadband operators across the country – announced on April 28 the finalization of a multi-year renewal agreement to offer AXS TV and HDNet Movies to its companies. members. AXS TV and HDNet Movies were […]

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The Kin digital TV network was designed for the era of self-isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic is holding the entertainment industry in a stranglehold. With widespread self-isolation mandates, film and TV studios have halted productions, delayed releases or pushed them to streaming services earlier than expected. It’s difficult to estimate the full impact of COVID-19 within the industry, but analysts have forecast more than $20 billion in losses. […]

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Awesome. Now the coronavirus is also infecting TV commercials.

Taco Bell wants to hug me. It’s a sweet gesture. And a novel too. Of all the things Taco Bell has given me over the years, a hug isn’t one of them. But, as the guy on TV makes clear in his pleasant, practiced voice, it’s not just about being adopted by a corporate body. […]

Tv commercials

COVID-19 and how it made Denver TV ads worse

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed Denver from top to bottom — and TV commercials airing on local channels are no exception. A look at TV spots aired by five major Denver networks during hour-long morning news shows on April 14 shows that the majority of businesses are still able to afford advertising pivoting to related […]

Tv commercials

Coronavirus TV ads reuniting Americans with emotional ads

Get all the latest coronavirus news and more delivered daily to your inbox. register here. The coronavirus may have originated in China in December, but in as little as three months the deadly respiratory disease that attacks the lungs has made its way to the United States – a fact that companies cannot deny with […]

Tv commercials

TV ads are now all about the coronavirus

It seems everyone’s gotten a little soft during the pandemic: friends who usually traffic in deliberately rude memes are sending healthy aquarium videos; Jim Cramer talks about sacrifice; New Yorkers are suddenly hot for Andrew Cuomo. For me, it’s that I find comfort in advertisements. I’ve always watched a lot of TV, but it’s even […]

Cable television

Cable continues to lose ground to… old-fashioned antennas?

Earlier this year, I pointed out that the use of television antennas was on the rise, posing a threat to cable companies like Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) and charter (NASDAQ:CHTR) already fighting a strong cord-cutting movement. While old-fashioned on-air broadcasts might not deal a fatal blow to the linear cable industry, they certainly could exacerbate the […]