Cable television

The optimum is higher cable TV prices. Here’s how I saved $30 a month.

If you’re an Optimum customer, watching TV will cost you more in 2020. In some cases, much more. Some of Optimum’s most popular plans are increasing by $20 or $30 a month starting Feb. 1, according to the company’s website and inserts that were added to customer bills this month. The $30 increase means $360 […]

Tv network

A new free OTA TV network called Circle from The Grand Ole Opry launches today

Today is the day Opry Entertainment Group and Gray Television are launching their new live television network called Circle. This new network covers the world of country music and will include weekly shows from the Grand Ole Opry. Originally, Circle was supposed to launch in Spring 2020, but it went live today on January 1, […]