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Are you a Netflix consumer? If you use the platform, you will know that there are lots of Korean content with dramas and TV shows.

Netflix offers completely different content in each country. The dramas, TV shows, and movies that are available for viewers in Korea are generally not the same as for viewers in other countries. Also, a program might be available in your country at a separate time from its release in Korea.

Netflix Korea has a 10 rating for daily style content on its platform. here are the Today’s Most Popular Netflix Packages in Korea Based on September 20 Data (Retrieved September 20, 5:53 PM KST, knowledge of September 19).

Screenshot from Netflix Korea (20/09/2022)

1.”Narco Saints

2.”Little woman

3.”alchemy of souls

4.”Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo

5. “I am alone”

6.”squid game

7. “The Good Detective”

8. “Changing the Days”

9. “Fishermen and the City”

ten. “Crash landing on you

“Narco-Saints” topped Netflix Korea’s ranking adopted by “Little Women” and “Alchemy of Souls.”

“Little Women” is the only ongoing drama on the checklist.

You can test the first prime 10 for September 13, here.

Are these plans available in your country? Do you watch them?

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